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In A Dream, You Can Do Anything is an amazing collection of inspirational and uplifting stories, poems, articles, keepsakes, that are sure to encourage, comfort, inspire and entertain you for years to come.

This e-book is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day,
a cornucopia of magic, wonder, wisdom and insight,
an answer to a prayer.

It will massage your heart, refresh your body,
tickle your funny bone, put a smile on your face,
inspire you to move forward, and bless your soul.

It is a wonderful gift to give to yourself, and a never ending present you can share with countless others.

There are 71 beautiful pieces included, along with 6 interactive worksheets. Each piece stands on its own in FULL COLOR 8 1/2 x 11 size and can be printed, (especially lovely on white card stock), and kept as a keepsake, given to a friend, sent out to business associates to let them know you are thinking of them, or simply framed.

A note from the author...

When you purchase this product, you are not just purchasing another e-book, you are purchasing my entire life. Almost everything I have ever written is contained here. It has been a lifetime in the making, and over 3 years in production, but well worth the wait.

This collection is the sum total of my spiritual journey. It encompasses the truths I have learned along the way, the insights I have acquired, and the knowledge gained.

I wanted to marry my words with beautiful pictures, that would enhance the experience for my readers, and allow each piece to stand alone. I believe I have done that successfully here. I have also enclosed 6 worksheets that you can type on directly from your keyboard, print out to use as an ongoing journal, or just record your thoughts and inspirations, as you move throughout the e-book.

In A Dream, You Can Do Anything, is about helping you to realize just that. That you really can be, do, or have anything you want. It is about providing you with a new perspective on life, an expanded way of looking at the world, and a deeper knowing of what really matters. It is meant to activate your imagination, inspire you to move towards your dreams, and provide you with many ah-ha moments and insights.

This book is about life, and love, and laughter, and celebration!

It is my deepest desire and fondest intention that this e-book makes a huge difference in your life, and that you are truly blessed by it.

... Veronica M. Hay

Some sample pages of the e-book... (Click on the audio buttons to hear the words of each piece.)




This book is not just meant as something you read through once and put away on a shelf or in a file folder on your desktop, although you may do that if you choose.

I would like you to think of this collection as your very own, personal ...

Inspirational Cardshop In A Book.

Whenever a specific occasion or circumstance arises in your life, and you would like some insight or support, you can simply browse through this e-book, and find the perfect remedy.

For example, at Christmas time, you could print out several copies of "My Holiday Wish For You" (one of the most popular pieces) and send it to all of your business clients to re-connect and let them know you are thinking about them. Always a good business policy. I personally send a new piece to all of my clients, for every mailing that I do throughout the year, and I have had an amazing response to this. My clients know that they can always expect something wonderful in the mail from me, something physical, that they can enjoy and hold onto. Now, you can do the same thing, with very little effort or cost on your part.

You could also print out copies of "A Prosperity Blessing" and send them to all of your friends and family members as your way of blessing their world with abundance.

... the wonder, the magic I feel in looking through this amazing and glorious e-book, Veronica.
I have written to you about your great talent so many times over the years and I have used up all the words, I can think of to describe the work you produce. This time I am stuck.  Speechless.  Dumfounded.    
I will be constantly using it, printing off pages for all sorts of reasons and just looking through for some 'Spiritual Upliftment'.
You have done the world, especially your readers, a great favour.  It is not possible that this book will not be adored by all who read it!
Lillian - Queensland, Australia

More sample pages of the e-book... (Click on the audio buttons to hear the words of each piece.)




Here are some suggestions, ways, subjects, occasions on...
How to Work With This E-Book: (Taken from page 5 in the actual e-book.)

The titles of each piece (listed in blue below) are a direct CLICKABLE LINK to that specific page in the e-book, making it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. (Note: These links are not clickable here on the sales page, however.)

Law of Attraction:
Want to learn more about the LAW OF ATTRACTION, and how it really works, with practical advice and insights? Study How Do You SEE The World and What You Are Wanting Is Wanting You, for insights and inspirations on this subject.

Finances / Money:
Are you or someone you know experiencing financial difficulties?
Print out the
Prosperity Blessing, and read it every single day. Give it away to all of your friends and family members, as your way of blessing their world with abundance.

Do You Want To Be Rich? I Do!
Read all about it in an amusing but very true piece entitled:
I Want To Be Rich

I suggest that you make every effort to move away from fear and worry, and lighten your vibration a little, in order to attract more of what you are wanting. A Love Affair With My American Express Card may help you to do just that.

And finally - What exactly is your relationship to money, or have you ever really thought about it?
I have, and perhaps reading about my thoughts and feelings, will help you with your own,
A Letter to Money.

You may also want to take advantage of the Prosperity Worksheet and the Gratitude Worksheet, to list those things that you already have in your life, that you are truly grateful for, and to keep track of all the wonderful things that happen to you each day. True Prosperity is a feeling, and the more we focus on how prosperous and abundant our life already is, the more it becomes so.

More sample pages of the e-book... (Click on the audio buttons to hear the words of each piece.)




Weddings / Keynotes / Special Events:
Getting Married? Invited to a wedding, party, re-union or some other special event, and need something to present? Read Will You aloud, Gifts From The Soul and/or Generosity of Spirit or any other piece contained here that strikes your fancy, and give a printed copy to all of your guests or participants, to take home.

Memorial Services / Funerals:
Has there been a death in your family, or a friend's family?
The Lesson of the Morning Glory may provide comfort here.
It has been lovingly used at many funerals and memorial services.

Remember The Love will help to put things into perspective at this difficult time.

Quiet Time:
How about just giving yourself some quiet time today, to peruse something beautiful?
Gifts From the Soul is a good choice.

Are you ready to look at the world with new eyes, be fully present, and see the extraordinary in the ordinary throughout your day?
Then savor
The Man With The Moustache - one of my very favorite pieces!

Or read an amazing story today about people and hawks and dragonflies.
Pull up
Nature's Party, A Saturday Celebration, and Enjoy!


The e-book is incredible!  It came to me at just the right time, a time of loss and grief.  It has helped me to find meaning in that loss and what I have to do to overcome the grief and emptiness and move on.  It gave me what I needed when I needed it. 

You are indeed a writer of profound wisdom and truth and such a gift of expression and vision. Thank you so much. 
Carolyn L. Spencer


Do you believe in Angels, and wonder what they look like? Find out for sure on the
What Do Angels Look Like page, and share with all those Angel lovers in your life.

Pet Lovers:
Are you a pet lover? Do you or someone you love have a cherished dog or cat in your/their life?
My Greatest Spiritual Teacher, My Pet and Puppy Walk, to find out what our animals can teach us.

Want to experience more PASSION in your life? Print out
Passion, and put it on your fridge. Ask yourself - "Is that how I feel?" And if not, find something that makes your heart sing and do it right away.

Never enough of it? Tired of putting things off until Tomorrow? Does Tomorrow ever come?
Find out here, and make peace with today.

Tea Time is a wonderful opportunity to connect with those you love in different parts of the world, all at the same time. Read
Taking Tea at 3 O'Clock and toast to your loved ones with your little pinky.

Missing that PERSONAL touch?
On days when things just seem too clinical, and you long for the human touch, open
Computers Can't Smile Back and think about those times in your life when you really connected with another human being, and how you can do that again right now.

  What People Are Saying About Veronica Hay's Writing & Her Work.

Moving Towards A Dream:
Are you prepared to take the next step in your life, to move closer to making all of your dreams come true, but you still may need some encouragement, insight and support?
In A Dream, You Can Do Anything and/or How Many Ways to Die, My Love, may help inspire you to move forward with grace, ease and joy.

Moving towards a dream...With a little help from our friends...
Sometimes when we move forward in life toward a very big dream, it may feel like too much of a leap in consciousness for us to hold all by ourselves. It is at those times that we need to reach out and find someone who believes in us and shares our vision so much, that they will gladly and powerfully hold that vision for us. It is a privilege for them to do so, and they know it. I wrote a piece entitled
Will You precisely for this purpose. It personifies what it means to have the honor of holding a dream for another person. Enjoy!

Seasons and Holidays:
Are the leaves falling and the colours changing where you live? Check out
This Fall, and share these sentiments with those you love.

Or are you on the opposite side of the world and welcoming in Spring? Then enjoy our delightful Spring Mini-Poster as you watch the tulips grow.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day every year on February 14?
Then print out
A Table In A Restaurant on Valentines' Day, and give it out to all of your friends and lovers.

Looking forward to the New Year and want to share your good wishes with others? Simply do that now. A New Year.
Also, check out Clearing Clutter for the New Year.

Would you love to have something deeper and more meaningful to send out this season? Surprise and delight all of the people on your Christmas list and /or in your group or office by giving them
My Holiday Wish For You. Guaranteed to touch their hearts! Now, you can print out as many as you like for pennies.

More sample pages of the e-book... (Click on the audio buttons to hear the words of each piece.)



More JOY in your life:
Do you want to experience more JOY in your life?
Take some time to gently savor the experiences detailed in
Joy In A Bottle. And don't forget to print out the Joy Mini Poster.

World Events:
Are current world events getting you down and you're starting to feel a little frightened and alone?
One Candle Burning is sure to give you and your loved ones some comfort, and help you through these perplexing times. And Hold A Vision speaks to the warrior in each of us, offering strength and inspiration to take back our power from within, whilst Put Down Your Weapons may even surprise you.

Meaning of Life and Re-Connection:
Still eluded sometimes about the meaning of life, and asking the same age old questions?
The Human Condition offers a very simple answer.

Ready to re-connect with that greater part of who you really are, and welcome it home?
Well, the search is over, and it is closer than you think.
Welcome Home.

Want to just LAUGH for no reason today?
Then turn to the following pieces.
When I'm An Old Lady - One Hour Every Day At Four O'Clock - I Want To Be Rich - A Love Affair With My American Express Card - A Bear Story.

Random Acts of Kindness
What does that really mean?
A Kindness Story and find out.

Want to just have some fun shopping today, and not spend too much?
Go on a shopping spree at -
The Dollar Store.

Self Discovery:
Finally ready to stand back and really take a good look at yourself today?
From A Distance

Feeling a little defensive this morning? Stuck in resistance?
Maybe it's time to
Put Down Your Armor Today.

More sample pages of the e-book... (Click on the audio buttons to hear the words of each piece.)




Self Love:
We all know how important it is to love ourselves. We hear that said over and over again, but what does it really mean, and where do you start? What is it that you absolutely love about yourself? Start by reading
Things I Appreciate About Myself, to give you some examples that you may relate to, and then turn to the Appreciation Worksheet, to write your own thoughts and feelings about that.

Inner Child:
Something for the CHILD in you. And for those Teddy Bear lovers out there.
A Bear Story, and A Winter Wonder Bearland Christmas Poem, and prepare to feel like a kid again.


Dear Veronica

Amazingly wonderful and inspiring writing. Thank you for what you do and for allowing me to be part of your list. I await your email with bated breath because the gems are just waiting to be found - this is my acre of diamonds. Thank you. Barney


Gratitude / Thank You:
Want to say THANK YOU to someone, but you're just lost for words? Print out
Thank You, and let it do the talking for you. And while you're in an Attitude of Gratitude mode, fill out the Gratitude Worksheet, and list everything you are grateful for today.

Old Age:
Afraid of growing old? Every cloud has a silver lining, and a very funny and freeing one at that. Do yourself a favor, and visit
When I'm An Old Lady. Share this one with the other soon to be old ladies in your life.

Want some beautiful quotations and/or mini-posters to keep on your desk, hang on your wall, or include in a business mailing. Try these pages:
Remember The Love Poster · Miracle · Forget Your Age · Lesson of the Poppy · Life Is Now · Dreams · Yesterday · Today · Tomorrow.

Feel like CELEBRATING today, but think you have to have a good reason? Think again, and turn to
Celebration, for some great ideas.

Feeling angry, sad or not good enough today? You've tried to pull yourself out of it, but just can't seem to? Sometimes, really FEELING those feelings in the moment, in a safe space, and moving through them, is the absolute best thing you can do. Avoiding our deepest emotions can negatively impact us. Remember, what you resist, persists. I hope
Feelings and Hold A Vision can help you with this.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it, but are you ready for it?
If I Offered You Your Freedom, Would You Take It?

Feeling a little discouraged this morning, because things have not turned out the way you would have like them to? Read
Keep on Dancing and Perception, for a new perspective.

Soap Operas:
Do you openly or secretly indulge in your favorite soap opera?
One Hour Every Day at 4 O'Clock is guaranteed to make you laugh, and feel good about doing something you enjoy.

Movie Review:
Read an insightful review of "March of the Penguins" and share it with others, so that more and more of these wonderful kinds of films will be made. Check out
What I Learned From The Movie - March of the Penguins.

This e-book is meant to be interactive, so as you are reading, if you have some insights or ah-ha moments, or just come across something that you want to record, use the
Inspirations Worksheet to do that here and now.

More sample pages of the e-book... (Click on the audio buttons to hear the words of each piece.)





These pieces are also sold as individual downloadable mini-posters for $5.00 each. The value of this entire e-book collection, if purchased individually, is $385.00!

You can now purchase the entire 77 piece collection, 111 page e-book for ONLY $67.00.
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Also, included with your purchase, are the following BONUSES:

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- Our 74 page Exclusive Interviews E-Book,
which includes informative, uplifting and inspiring conversations with:

Dr. Deepak Chopra
Dr. Leo Buscaglia
Neale Donald Walsch
Stuart Wilde
Marianne Williamson
Betty Eadie
Dan Millman
Dr. Jacob Liberman
John Bradshaw
Shakti Gawain
Dr. Bernie Siegel

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- And a beautiful, 10 minute Guided Meditation entitled "Gifts From The Soul" guaranteed to touch your heart and calm your nerves. (Priceless!)


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What People Are Saying About Veronica Hay's Writing & Her Work.

In A Dream, You Can Do Anything
A Collection of Words by Veronica M. Hay

Words Copyright © 1990 - 2006 by Veronica M. Hay - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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And you are not permitted to copy any part of this e-book.

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